The good news is that due to the UK vaccination drive the number of people going into hospital with Covid complications continues to fall. We still have to be on our guard against new Covid variations and we should still follow the current Welsh Government guidelines.

The lifting of all restrictions may be delayed but we are now more open for business than we were this time last year. The mobile Covid Test Centre will be returning to the County Hall Car Park in Ruthin from the 7th June. You will need to book a slot via 119.


Road Maintenance

I have recently been involved in trying to increase the DCC Highways budget for the next five years to help clear the County’s backlog in road repairs and resurfacing.

Councillors have also asked the county to divert underspend in other departments to the highways budget for this year to help fill our many pot holes. Just for your information the recent resurfacing of the section of the B5430 near Llanarmon cost the council tax payers £211k. The current annual Highways budget is £2.5 million and this can soon be spent on just a small number of resurfacing projects.


Road Closures

Once again, the B5431 will be closed between the 7th and 9th June by Welsh Water to install a new valve that helps to supply water to properties on the Llandegla road. I have circulated a map that indicates the section of the road effected so that residents can plan their travel on those days.

Sadly, this is becoming a regular occurrence and the road has been closed twice this week for emergency repairs to a burst main. I have asked for a meeting with Welsh Water to discuss the state of their infrastructure along the B5431. Diversion signs will be placed at both ends of the B5431 but signs at the junction with the B5430 will also state that the road to the village centre is open for business as usual. The diversion involves a ten-mile round trip via Llandegla and so it is important that we resolve these constant road closures on this road.


Moel Famau

Residents who live on the Forestry Road in Llanferres will be receiving letters from DCC as part of the consultation exercise to improve access to Moel Famau. As previously reported DCC have acquired some extra funding from Welsh Government to improve the visitor experience in the Country Parks at Moel Famau and Loggerheads.

Don’t forget that visitors and local residents can get an annual Parking Permit for £30 per annum which enables them to make as many visits to Moel Famau and Loggerheads as they like in a year.

For further information visit the NRW website or call 0300 0653000 during working hours. If you enjoy taking your dog for a walk in the forest on a regular basis it may be worth investing in an annual permit.

The funding will also help local residents by restricting the road side parking by visitors on what is a very narrow road. Approximately fifty extra parking bays will be created in the two car parks and there will be a limited number of short stay parking bays on the road side between the two car parks. The project will include better signage, card reading parking meters and yellow lines.

Once the letters are delivered, I hope to come and speak to residents in the area.


Public Toilets

When you ‘spend a penny’ you can now pay by card. DCC have announced that you can now pay to use our public toilets by using your bank cards. This will improve the service and reduce the need to use cash in these Covid times.




Housing Developments Llanarmon

I have had a site meeting with officers and the developers of the proposed new housing development in Llanarmon Yn Ial called Erw Goed. There are concerns about the housing mix, access onto the B5431, the retention of the existing trees, the distance from the properties in Maes Ial, the drainage of surface water and the inclusion of a pavement to give some safety to residents and walkers along what is a beautiful but narrow lane.

The developers have been asked to review their current plans and I will give you a further update in due course. I understand that there has already been considerable interest in the site from potential buyers!!

As with all new developments there will also be a 106 agreement which is where developers make a contribution to the local community based on the number of properties being built.

At present we cannot hold public meetings but please register any comments you would like to make about this development on the Denbighshire Planning Portal under planning reference number 15/2021/0318 and let me know if you have any concerns.


Ash Die Back

Sadly, we are about to lose many of our Ash Trees in the area due to Ash Die Back.

The Llanarmon Community Council are in the process of removing two Ash Trees in the St Garmons grave yard and it is their intention to replace them with native trees such as Mountain Ash which flowers in the spring and fruits in the autumn. You may see a DCC officer travelling the area inspecting our Ash trees. Apparently when the Ash trees are flowering in the spring it is the best time to see if they are affected by the Ash Die Back.


Wild Fires

Sadly, there have been two further instances of wild fires on Llantysilio Mountain. The first started on the 1st June in the area around Rhewl which quickly spread. With the help of the North Wales Fire Service, Countryside Rangers, the Police, local farmers and an NRW helicopter it was quickly brought under control but approximately 120 acres were destroyed. This could not have come at a worse time for nesting moorland birds. The second incident happened the following day in the same area when the fire appears to have re-ignited and again this was put out with the help of the helicopter transporting water from the River Dee. Rain that evening helped to damp down the whole area. After such a wet May it just goes to show that we all need to be alert to potential fires in all our moorland and woodland areas. Please report any suspicious activity.


Improvements to A494

The Welsh Government have undertaken a full review of all the Trunk Roads in Wales and there are three sections of the A494 in our ward that will be improved for road safety. Loggerheads will have the flashing speed limit signs installed soon as promised, the section through Llanferres will have similar signs but not until the budget year 23/24. Both turnings for Llanarmon will have their visibility improved and double white lines will be installed up to the Clwyd Gate with improvements for walkers crossing the A494 at that point. There may be other improvements including a review of speed limits but full details have not been released as yet.

Accidents and the review are recorded on the Welsh Gov Trunk Roads safety maps which can be viewed on and if you have concerns about the speed or noise of traffic using the A494 you can report those concerns on the Go Safe website via


Illegal Activity Llandegla – camping and abandoned vehicles

Finally, I have attended yet another meeting with Officers about the illegal residential caravan site on the A525 near the County border with Wrexham. The County’s Solicitors are consulting with Barristers to agree the way forward in this long-drawn-out process and I have asked our SM Darren Millar for his support in getting NRW around the table again to discuss the environmental

impact of both sites. Both Ty Isoe and Ty Isoe annex are owned by the same person and as you all know Ty Isoe was cleared of illegally dumped vehicles back in 2005 by DCC and NRW.

Because there have been so many complaints about both these two sites DCC have now set up a web page where you can view the current position and hopefully find answers to some of your questions. Please visit


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