The Mobile Covid Testing Centre will be back in the County Hall car park as from the 9th February and it will be open from 9.30am to 3.30pm each day, seven days a week. You can drive in or walk in but this time you must make an appointment via 119 and when you make the call you should state that you want to go to the Ruthin centre otherwise you may be booked a slot elsewhere. Again, you should only book an appointment if you think you have Covid symptoms. The good news is that Covid cases continue to fall in Denbighshire but even if you have received the vaccine you need to follow the Welsh Government guidelines and stay at home and do not mix with people, family or friends other than those family members who actually live with you.

The Vaccine roll out is now continuing at a pace after a slow start here in Wales. Most residents over seventy are now being contacted by their GPs or the NHS to arrange appointments. Please remember to still stay at home after your vaccination until the Government says otherwise. This is to help protect yourselves, other people and to support the NHS.

If you are eighty and over you should have been offered the Covid Virus Vaccine by now. Please let me know if you have not.

If you have been affected by the Covid pandemic and you are worried about losing your home the Charity Shelter Cymru has a help line and you can call them on 08000 495 495 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 4.00pm.

More help for businesses has been announced. Please check to see if this support can help you by visiting

Post Office

The Mobile Post Office has changed its opening hours after including the village of Llanbedr in our service. The Mobile Service will attending the following villages on a Thursday at the following times.

�� Llandegla 11.15am - 12.15pm

�� Llanarmon Yn Ial 12.45pm - 1.45pm

�� Eryrys 2.00pm - 2.30pm

�� Llanbedr 2.45pm - 3.30pm

�� Llanferres 3.45pm - 4.30pm


Support for Storm Damage

The Welsh Government have announced a support package for anyone affected by Storm Christoph. If your “home” was flooded you can claim a grant of £500 and a further £500 for those residents who did not have home insurance. Please contact Denbighshire County Council on 01824 706000 if you were affected and want to make a claim under this scheme.

Woodlands Trust Hack

If like me you are a subscriber to the Woodlands Trust you will have been informed that their membership records have sadly been hacked. As always please take care if you receive any calls purporting to be from your bank. Never give any details over the telephone and always tell them you will call them back to verify the call. End the call and then call your bank using another phone (if the call was received on your land line call your bank using your mobile phone or vice versa). Never call them back on the same line because they may have kept it open as part of the scam.

Denbighshire Digital Buddies

Denbighshire has set up a new service called Denbighshire Digital Buddies. This is a collaborative scheme between Denbighshire Voluntary Services, Digital Community Wales and Denbighshire CC to help develop support for residents who are struggling to use computers, smart phones, etc. The scheme pairs up volunteers with digital skills who will be DBS checked, with those residents who need help. The use of digital equipment has become so important in these Covid times even if you are using it just to order groceries or to shop on line.

For further details or to volunteer please call Gareth Jones at the DVSC on 01824 702441


There has been an attempted break-in at the Loggerheads Garage.

Please remember to report any suspicious activity in your area to the police immediately on 999 if you believe it is urgent or via 101 if you see any strange vehicles cruising your area.

Where possible please try and get the vehicle registration number.

Local Development Plan and Affordable Housing

The County is currently in the process of putting together the next LDP (Local Development Plan) which will set the development boundaries and style of development for the next fifteen years. This process has been delayed because of the Covid virus and because public meetings and consultations are restricted at this time. As we look at the type of housing required it is important to understand how many people are looking for affordable housing in our villages. If you are looking to rent property through Social Housing or you are looking to buy and just want to get on the housing ladder it is important that you register an interest via the Counties Web site by searching: “Applying for

Affordable Housing”. The number of people on the register may influence the type of houses to be built in your area in the future. I believe that there may be movement soon on the building of two affordable houses by the Grwp Cynefin Housing Association on the Glebe Field in Llanferres. Watch this space.

Domestic Abuse

Sadly, in these difficult times we have seen a rise in domestic abuse.

If you are looking for advice about domestic abuse please contact the Live Fear Free help line on 0808 8010 800 now or visit

Quarry News

It has been announced that the Westminster Estates are conducting a Scoping Exercise with a view to extending the life of the Burley Hill Quarry in Pant Ddu. The planning permissions for the Quarry expire in September this year and “if” this becomes a planning application they are looking to extend the Quarries life by a further fifteen years. The scoping exercise involves an Environmental

Impact Assessment and all interested bodies are asked to comment at this time. The Scoping Assessment looks at such things as Screening, Noise, Dust, Vehicle Movements, Environmental impact, etc. It asks if all these things are up to current modern standards and what would be the impact today. This is normally followed by a public consultation exercise before any application can then be submitted for planning permission. To comment or just view the first stage in this process please visit the Denbighshire Planning Portal and search application number 21/2021/0052.

Welsh Water Community Fund

Did you know that if Welsh Water has undertaken repairs in your area you can apply to the Welsh Water Community Fund for grants for local projects up to £1,000. If your organisation is looking for funding for a local project this may be worth looking into. Visit Welsh Water/ Dwr Cymru website for further details.


Deep Vein Thrombosis [DVT] is something you would normally associate with long haul flights but you can get these by just sitting around or being inactive for long periods of time. It is important that you do take regular exercise by going for a walk each day or by ensuring that you get out of your chair and walk around your garden or home several times each day.


It appears that the Community of Graianrhyd is getting closer to an upgrade to a fibre optic telephone and Broadband service [FTTP]. Although BT/Openreach are reluctant to confirm any dates they are busy working in the area and the signs are good.

There are still 929 premises in Denbighshire that are unable to receive broadband speeds of a minimum of 5mbs and some are as low as 2mbs. Our thanks go to Kevin Patterson and Sue Jones for identifying residents who want the upgrade and for driving this forward. I would also like to thank our SM Darren Millar for all his help behind the scenes with BT and Openreach.  We have been very successful in getting Broadband upgraded across the ward but there are still small pockets of

premises that are not getting a reliable service. If you and your neighbours are still struggling with Broadband there are Central and Welsh Government grants available for small community projects and for more information and help you should contact the Counties Digital Officer Philip Burrows via

If I can be of any assistance please drop me an e-mail or give me a call.


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