Coronavirus Updates

The cases of the virus are increasing and we all must be sensible over the Christmas break to protect ourselves and our families, friends and neighbours.

There has been a rise in loneliness, depression and sadly suicides and so once again can ask for your support in keeping an eye on your neighbours especially over the festive season. You may not be able to invite them over for Christmas dinner but a telephone call can make all the difference.

I would like to thank everyone for helping out in our Communities over the last twelve months, making those calls and checks on their neighbours and collecting shopping and prescriptions for those people who are on their own or just struggling to get out. Thank you.

Staying on the subject of Covid 19 as you all know there is now some light at the end of the tunnel with the roll-out of the first approved vaccine. All the Governments have set targets for the roll out and those of us who are front line staff and those who are most vulnerable will be the first to get the vaccine. Again, it is being managed differently in each part of the UK but please do not telephone your GP about the vaccine roll out. I understand that the Health Service in Wales will contact everyone as soon as the vaccine is ready for you and it will take some months before everyone receives it. By calling your GP you will only be adding to their work load.

The Welsh NHS Covid testing centre has now closed in Ruthin and has moved to the Market Street Car Park in Llangollen. The site will open between the hours of 9.30 and 3.30 and once again no appointments are required although you should only go if you have been referred by your GP or you think you have Covid symptoms. You can still book a test via 119 but you will more than likely be sent to the main testing centre on the Deeside Business Park Queensferry.

The latest Covid stats for Wales show a worrying increase in cases per 100,000. In the Rhondda they are 1,243, Swansea 1,064 and Merthyr 1,032. In comparison Denbighshire’s figures are 158 per

100,000. Sadly, we cannot afford to be complacent because the figures can change very quickly as we have seen in London and the Southeast.

Just when we all thought that the four governments had at last come together to present a united front on the way to manage the Covid Pandemic over the Christmas period they have all once again started to give out different messages about Christmas and the New Year. We now have a three/four-tier system in England, a four-tier system in Wales and a five-tier system in Scotland, which is all very confusing especially when you are possibly travelling between the home countries.

Flu Jabs

If you are over fifty you can now have a free flu vaccination in Wales. This can be completed via your GPs surgery or through your local Chemist. You should telephone to book a slot.

Tree Felling Due to Diseases

Sadly, large areas of Larch on Moel Famau will have to be felled because it is diseased. This will involve traffic lights between the two car parks where most of the Larch has been growing and some paths will have to be closed in that area for health and safety reasons while the felling is undertaken.

Ash Die Back is now a major concern in our ward and the Llanarmon Community Council have just been granted planning permission to fell two Ash Trees in the St Garmons grave yard. They plan to replace the trees with other native species. Over the next few years, we will see many of our Ash trees disappear and if you are concerned about a tree in your area you should contact the County especially if it is on the roadside. If the tree is on private land you need to check that it does not have a preservation order attached to it before you take any action to fell the tree. In the majority of

cases the felling of trees will have to be paid for by the land owner and care should be taken when disposing of any material associated with the tree because it harbours the disease. Please contact the County for advice.

Denbighshire Support for Community Events

Denbighshire have announced that there will be support for larger Community events in the future and they can assist with equipment such as Tannoy systems etc. The County are also be happy to publish details of planned events on the County’s Website. See the County’s Website for more information and where to get help.


There are now defibrillators on the outside walls of Cafi Florence at Loggerheads, the Canolfan Dewi Sant in Eryrys, the Village Hall in Llandegla, the village shop in Llanarmon, the Village Hall in Llanferres and the Public Toilets at Moel Famau. There are also defibrillators in the old telephone boxes in Graianrhyd and Maeshafn and in the school at Llanarmon. Llanarmon Community Council also have a mobile defibrillator for use at external events across the ward and this can be booked via the community council clerk Norma Wright or myself.

The Ambulance Service also confirm that they plan to install a defibrillator near the summit of Moel Famau in the spring with the help of Denbighshire Countryside Services.

Please make a note of where your local defibrillator is just in case you need one and again can I thank everyone who helps to maintain these vital pieces of equipment.

The Saw Mill in Llanferres has now installed a new defibrillator which will be available to local residents in the case of an emergency.

Bird Flu

If Covid was not bad enough cases of Avian flu have recently been reported amongst the wild bird population in Wales. Therefore, all captive birds should be kept indoors from the 14th December including pets and commercial chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc.

Because this is only affecting Wales at present an all-Wales Avian Influenza Prevention Zone was set up in November and for further information view the Welsh Government website

If you have any concern about your birds you should contact your vet for advice.

Road Closure

There will be another road closure in the Llandegla area between the 11th and 13th January and this will involve the road that passes through the Hafod from the A525 by the Plough to the A542.

Scammers and Fraudsters

Once again beware of fraudsters and scammers. They are very active over the Christmas period.

The latest include calls to say that a transaction abroad has gone through your bank account and that you should call them back to stop the transaction. Another involves a call to say that either your Amazon account has been debited with an item or the Amazon annual charge. Never respond to the caller and always go through directory enquires for your bank or Amazon’s telephone number.

Also beware of charity scammers who want you to sign up to a direct debit or give money over the telephone. Don't do that. If you want to help any charity then look up their contact details yourself (not any the scammer may have) and then contact them direct yourself.

Gritting News

I can confirm that there has been no change to the County’s gritting routes this winter but can I ask that if you park on the road side please park as close to the kerb as you can. This will help the gritter to get through.

The new yellow grit boxes are being delivered and these will replace piles of lose grit in most areas. Over a thousand boxes have been ordered but it will take about twelve months to get all of these distributed and therefore there will still be a need for piles of grit in some places.

Yuletide Greetings

As this will be my last update before Christmas and the New Year, I would like to take the opportunity of wishing you all a Merry Christmas in whatever form that is and also a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year.


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