It seems apt that my 20th Update is coming out as the Welsh Government has announced a “Fire Break” lockdown for the next two weeks beginning at 6.00pm on Friday 23rd October until the 9th November. This lock down will be very similar the UK wide lock down earlier this year but hopefully for only two weeks with some school children returning to school immediately after half term. Sadly pubs, restaurants and most shops will have to close again and people will be encouraged to stay at home and work from home.


If you have any concerns about the latest lock down you can visit http://www.gov.wales and on the

right-hand side of the First Minister statement you will find a frequently asked question section.

Click on that and it will take you through to pages of information. You can home in on the issue you

are concerned about by clicking on the various subsections i.e. education, travel, etc.

For business advice you can go on line via the above website or call 03000 603000.

Roads Closed:

There will be a number of road closures across the ward in the next few weeks as follows:

1. The Maeshafn to the County Boundary road past the Youth Hostel will be closed from the 24th November through to the 3rd December for work to be undertaken by BT.

2. The Horseshoe Pass section of the A542 will be closed again for resurfacing from the 26th October for three weeks, weather permitting. The road will hopefully be open at the weekends and the work includes removing the surface in places to a depth of 12 in./30cm. Most of the material will be recycled on site.

3. The B5431 will once again be closed by Welsh Water as they install an additional water supply to the village of Llanarmon. I asked the company to bring forward their proposed work to the week of half term so that there would be minimum disruption to parents getting their children to the school bus services in the village centre. The section of the road to be closed is by Gelli Gynan Hall and because the detour is once again over ten miles via Llandegla I have asked for additional signs at the junction with the B5430 to make it clear that the road to the village centre and the village businesses are open as usual.

Mobile Post Office:

Do not forget to use the Mobile Post Office Service each Thursday.

The well-equipped vehicle arrives between 9.30 and 10.30 in Llandegla, between 11.00 and 12.00 in Llanarmon Yn Ial and now 12.30 to 1.30 in Eryrys. This is an excellent service but we will lose it if we do not use it!! I am hoping to talk to the post office to see how the service will look after Covid and if we can include villages such as Llanferres.

Covid 19:

Just to remind everyone that if you think you have any of the Covid virus symptoms, such as a constant cough, loss of sense of taste or smell and a high fever, you should self-isolate immediately for up to two weeks. You should book a Covid test on line or better still by calling 119.

If you call you need to tell the operator that your nearest testing centre is on the Queensferry Business Park otherwise you may be sent on a long journey. Most of the Covid call centres are based around the Country and I found that some of the operators have a limited knowledge of the country’s geography.

It is imperative that you isolate if you have any of the symptoms and if you have had a test you must isolate until you receive the text with the result. Please do not send your children to school if you think they have Covid or if you are awaiting a test result. Some parents have not done this in the North of the County and their actions have meant that whole schools have had to be closed and school populations told to self-isolate. Please think of your own health and also the health of those

people whom you may come into contact with!!

Latest Scam:

Official looking e-mails have been received by people living in Powys from what is supposed to be the HM Courts and Tribunals Service serving Fixed Penalty Charge Notices. They pressurise you into paying the fine by clicking a link that asks for your bank details etc.These scams originate in Brazil and you should delete them and under no circumstances click on the link. If in doubt about any e-mail call the originator to check that they are valid. Do this by going through directory

Enquires for their telephone number. Never use a telephone number from the e-mail no matter how authentic it looks.

Clocaenog Fund:

The new Clocaenog Wind Farm Funding for Community Projects is now open for applications.

As you know we were excluded from the original funding zone but after a hard-fought battle we are now included. Application forms are available on line via http://www.clocaenog.cymru or contact the fund manager Esyllt Adair on telephone number 01492 523855. You can also follow the fund on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @clocaenogcf . If you have a community project planned it may be a good idea to see if you can get a grant.

Travellers site on the A525:

The deadline for the appeal against the planning enforcement notice for the illegal Travellers site on the A525 near Llandegla has now passed and no appeal was lodged. This means that the owners and the residents have seven months in which to leave and return the site to its original state. I will continue to monitor this case and provide regular updates.


Sadly, my mother has been quite poorly over the last few weeks with a very bad case of shingles and so although I am monitoring my e-mails and taking calls, I may take a little more time than usual to get back to you. Did you know that the shingles virus is present in most of us and that it can be triggered at any time? If you are over seventy you can be inoculated against the virus on the NHS and you should consult your GP for further advice. If you are under seventy you can still have the jab but you will have to pay, again you should consult your GP. Shingles is an extremely painful and debilitating illness and it is better to be safe than sorry.


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