A quick update on our flu plans!
We will be holding Saturday clinics this year for our flu clinics to keep you as safe as possible! These will be available to book online from next week, if you haven't signed up to My Health Online yet please do so via our website, you don't need to come in to the surgery to do so. 
As you know most of our contact with patients is done over the phone therefore the lines are VERY busy and we do not want to clog up the lines further so if you can book online this would help us our greatly.
Of course if you can't sign up online you will be able to book over the telephone, we would ask you to do this at the quieter times avoiding Mondays and Fridays and preferably ringing between 12 and 1 and/or 1600-1700hrs.
At the present moment the criteria for flu vaccinations remain the same as last year, patients over 65 and patients under 65 with an at risk condition.  Please look up NHS direct to find out more about those at risk conditions.  We have not been directed to vaccinate any other cohort at present.
We are still finalising our plans however all patients will be allocated a time and must arrive on time, not before and not afterwards - this is for your protection.  Patients will then be allowed into the building, maximum four at a time, there will be a one way system where you will be booked in, receive your vaccination and leave the building via the back exit.  Sanitiser should be used by all patients when they come in and when they exit the building.  All staff will be working within infection control guidelines, any chairs that are used by patients will be fully sanitised after each use.
We have over 2000 patients to vaccinate therefore we will be very strict on the day.  Only patients booked in for a flu vaccine will be able to come in, nurses will not be undertaking any other clinical work on this day - they will be administering the flu vaccine only, no other vaccinations will be given and advice shouldn't be sought for any other matters on this day.  This is in order that we can vaccinate as many of you as possible in the shortest amount of time so that you are kept safer as quick as possible as the winter months arrive.
There should be adequate parking available if everyone arrives ON TIME (not earlier or later) however Denbighshire County Council have agreed to let us use some of their car park for overflow as required.
For patients who have any mobility issues or who feel they can't use this system on the Saturday we will be making appointments available during normal working hours however wherever possible patients should use the Saturday clinic.
I will make the appointments available next week online - I'll put a notice up on here when we have had final dates from the manufacturers regarding dates of delivery.
Don't forget to sign up to My Health Online so that you can make your appointment online, you can also order your repeat prescriptions online too and book some appointments going forward!
Patients should NOT turn up to their appointment if they have any COVID symptoms! This is very important.


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