Below is a response from Denbighshire’s Broad Band Officer in reply to an e-mail about the new Halo service being offered by BT. Some of you have already received letters from BT about this service.


I had hoped to deliver a copy of BTs response to Darren Millar AM, a copy of my last Broad Band update and a letter outlining other options to every house in Graianrhyd but the stay at home policy has stopped any outdoor activity of that sort!!


Sadly with the Corona Virus pandemic upon us not a lot is happening in relation to the promised further roll out of Superfast BB and we are still awaiting a update from the Welsh Government as to which areas will remain out of scope.


As mentioned in my e-mail to the Counties BB officer, I am aware that fibre has been installed in and around Graianrhyd but it has not been connected to the nearest green cabinet in Llanarmon 


Once we can all meet again I will arrange a public meeting for residents from the Graianrhyd area to discuss away forward and in the meantime if I receive any further updates I will let you all know.

“Halo is a new type of BT Broadband home hub that is capable of providing multiple connections to broadband either via fibre and also supports connection to 4G and 5G Wi-Fi networks where geographically available.

“Some other interesting news that Ofcom have announced is the introduction of the Universal Service Obligation, which is a new legislation to help residents/ businesses to complain about poor performing broadband services they currently receive from their providers.

“The broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO) will give people in the UK the right to request a decent and affordable broadband connection of 10mbs. Under the USO, eligible homes and businesses will be able to request a connection, where the cost of building it is no more than £3,400. A consumer or business will only have to contribute to the cost of a connection if it exceeds a threshold of £3,400. Above that level, properties can still be connected if they pay the excess costs or do some of the work themselves to help bring costs down. Communities can group together to combine their allowance. Note: BT will be fulfilling the majority of Its USO obligation using EE’s 4G network coverage.

“Another approach for communities is to register their interest in forming a Community Fiber Partnership and applying for Government Vouchers to help improve fiber infrastructure to their premises. Useful information can be found below and is a good check to initially see if your community is on any existing fiber rollout plans or not.”


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