Update on our Broadband Campaign in Graianrhyd from Kevin Patterson.

Out of a total of 50 properties in and around Graianrhyd, I'm pleased to say we now have 44 properties registered on the Community Fibre Partnership (CFP) Scheme - these can all be seen on this map. My thanks to Sue Jones for her help in spreading the word throughout our community and delivering all the letters as well as Phil Burrows, Digital Officer at Denbighshire CC. On Monday I submitted all these details to BT Openreach.

As you may or may not know, each property is awarded a government grant depending on whether they are just a residential property or they are a residential property running a business or charity from home. Residential only properties receive £3,000 and Business / Charity properties receive £7,000. Basically all the grant money is pooled together into one community pot. Of the 44 properties, 14 have either a business, charity or both running from them, the rest are residential only. In total our pot stands at £188,000. Speaking with Phil at DCC, he believes this should be enough to cover the cost of installing fibre broadband for us all - which, if he's right, is great news! If it isn't then there are other potential grants we could call upon, if required.

So what's next? BT Openreach are now working on a ballpark cost for us. This should be back with me over the next week or two. As long as the ballpark cost is within our budget of £188,000 they will then proceed to the next stage, which is to work up a full design, showing what speeds each house would receive. After that, and assuming we are still within budget, we'll give them the go ahead to proceed. The work will then be scheduled in with their engineers and they should hopefully give us a rough estimate of when the work will be completed by.


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