Llanarmon yn Ial Community Council are trying to help our community, contact details of every councillor is on this website. We will continue to hold council meetings, but now virtually via the internet; which are open to the public. Contact the Clerk and you will be issued with the code required to join the meeting. Public and press are allowed to speak for the first 10 minutes of any meeting.

All agendas and minutes of meetings are available on and planning applications can be accessed on Denbighshire County Council’s website. If you have any comments or observations that you would like to be raised, please contact the Clerk at the above address; or you may wish to contact Denbighshire County Council Planning Department direct.

Recent guidance; In order to comply with current guidance, Llanarmon Playing Field remains closed. The cemeteries will remain open. Please note (with great sadness) that only 10 members of the invited family are allowed to attend, others must be turned away.

Councillor Susan Jones, Graianrhyd continues dedicating a great amount of time ensuring Graianrhyd and area (her closest community) are all fully communicating, updated and looking after each other.

County Councillor Martyn Holland continues to work tirelessly keeping our whole community fully updated of the changing situations.  For only matters of significant concern please contact him on: phone: 780703 or email:

Support and volunteering

We are truly grateful to both these councillors. I’m sure you will agree there are  many, many residents of Llanarmon, Graianrhyd, and Eryrys who have also given a lot of time, effort and care in volunteering. Some people offer assistance directly to immediate neighbours and others within our community.

We thank volunteer John Hanahoe he has kept all information on website fully updated and maintained. Along with adding all the twitter updates which has proved to be such  a vital source of reliable, accurate information. Please do send him information or news you would like to share.

The team of volunteers at the local community shop have provided a ‘survival’ service for many vulnerable and local residents. We thank all our volunteers.

We encourage you to use your community council, who aims to work closely with the local authorities in our area. If we all work together we can reduce worry and isolation and get practical assistance when it is most needed.

Norma Wright (Clerk)


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