Robin Hood Audition Form

Please fill in the form below, by 10pm on Sunday 9th June, to let us know which character(s) you wish to audition for (maximum of 3). If you wish to audition for any character then just type ‘Any’. Also let us know which of the 2 audition dates you can make. Finally let us know which Rehearsal dates you CAN’T make – rehearsals start on Sunday 1st September and will be on Sunday afternoons (2-6pm) and Tuesday evenings (7-9pm) – see Rehearsal Schedule. To help you choose a character, take a look at the Character Summaries sheet. As well as showing you the ‘type’ of characters you can also gauge the size of the role by looking at which scenes they appear in. You MUST be available for ALL Performance as well as ALL Tech & Dress Rehearsal dates. These are as follows :-

  • Tech & Dress :- Sun 12th, Tue 14th, Sun 19th & Tue 21st January 2025
  • Performances :- Wed 22nd to Sat 25th January 2025 (2 performances on Sat 25th Jan)

Once filled in, click on Subscribe. You should get a ‘Thank you for subscribing!’ message. Please note you won’t automatically get an email response, however we’ll be in touch to confirm your audition date.

Deadline for submitting the Audition Form is 10pm on Sunday 9th June!

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