History of the Area

Archaelogical evidence shows that the area was settled by early invaders after the last ice age, with artifacts and other evidence being found in caves in the area dating to the neolithic period. Tomen y Faerdre was a fortified building next to the river Alyn that dates back to the dark ages and would have been the abode of a Welsh chieftain. By the time of King John the history of the area and which parts were allied to England and which to Gwynedd is complicated. Evidently King John controlled it during his reign because there is evidence that he paid for improvements. The church dates back to the fourteenth century of which more can be read on the relevant pages on this site. The church and parish name of Llanarmon derives from St Germanus a dark age bishop who was involved in defeating pagan armies during the dark ages. There is a mural tomb in the church of Capt. Evan Lloyd, a soldier of the 17th century. One of his kinsmen in the next century was Elahu Yale the founder of Yale University. A Schoolroom was built at the end of the 18th century next to the church a building which has been renovated to a high standard and is in constant use today as a church hall and community centre.

Mining played a big part in the economy of the 19th century and much evidence of it in the form of old engine and pump buildings still exists. At the time there were many pubs to serve the workers. Today there are three pubs one in each of the associated villages of the parish at Llanarmon, Eryrys and Graianrhyd. The Raven pub at Llanarmon together with the shop are community run.


Llanarmon, Eryrys and Graianrhyd are rich with archaeological interest. Thanks to the efforts of a few people we have a fund of information on the subject. In particular:

Since he discovered it in 1962, John Blore has been excavating and documenting Lynx Cave near Eryrys.
Cave expert Cris Ebbs manages a site dedicated to caves in the area and can be seen HERE
Information on Tomen y Faerdre can be found HERE and HERE Clwydian Range Archaeology Group (CRAG) are anarchaeology group primarily focused on exploring the iron age hill forts of the Clwydian Range through practical archaeology and survey work. See their website HERE.

Tomen y Rhodwydd (in neighbouring Llandegla) details can be found HERE


For a great resource on mining in North East Wales click HERE

Also see the mining booklet below - click on the document to open a pdf.

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