Promote open communications with both the Llanarmon yn Ial Community and Denbighshire County Council by:

Providing the public sessions before each council meeting.

Ensuring that all village notice boards and website regularly carry contact details for the Community Councillors and the work of the Council.

Initiating regular meetings with the locally elected County Councillor (in addition to their attendance at Community Council Meetings) in order to work in partnership to resolve village issues.

To ensure that the yearly budget (precept) is communicated to the Community and that plans for any “special projects” are discussed with relevant interested parties.
To ensure that Planning Application notifications received are published as part of the minutes.
To pursue the review of traffic speed limits and traffic movements (e.g. bus access) within the boundaries of the village.
To continue to maintain the highways paths, lighting and environment of the village in accordance with our local obligations.

How We Make Our Decisions

The full Community Council takes all decisions impacting on the community during the monthly council meetings.

What We Spend

The Community Council precept is set annually. The Council agrees and publishes how much is allocated to purchase community items or pursue long-term projects that benefit the community.

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