Three Taverns Tour

6th May 2017

Well, I woke up that morning, and got out of bed, had a sudden strange feeling – went right to my head. Something was itching, my feet were on fire. No time to be scratchy – going out with the choir!

The Three Taverns Tour, bigger than ever. More choirs, more people, more dogs and – yes really – now in its seventh year. No wonder I felt scratchy – must have been the Seven year itch. And there were seven choirs this time. Let’s just call them the Magnificent Seven. Because actually they were all magnificent: all different, singing different songs in different genres and different languages. They ranged from 4 to 40+ (in number that is not age). All musical, all enthusiastic, all out for a good days walking and singing in our magnificent countryside.

A limber up at the Raven to get them going (sadly no limbo dancing) and then the walk began – from the Raven to the Sun to the Rose & Crown or the other way round. A little light refreshment at the inn(s) – for there was food and cwrw braf at each, a song or two for the road. And at the end of the afternoon when all had sung at each tavern the BIG SING. All the choirs sang to each other and the assembled crowds. The Raven had another record night and the Sun and the Rose & Crown also did well and we thank them all for their hospitality and for indulging this annual music fest.

Hopefully our visiting choirs enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed sharing our communities with them.

It was another year when the weather was kind to us – dry and a good walking temperature. No nettle stings were reported. No missing persons. And Elaine Jones will not forget her 50th birthday.

Richard Martindale (Bass)

* Editors note: there were Seven choirs altogether… Côr Dewi Sant, Contraband, Ar y Gweil, Flint Ladies Choir, Ruthin Community Choir, Brymbo Male Choir, Caldy Valley Voices. Diolch to all for making this such a good day.


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