9 Lessons & Carols / Raven Inn Carols - December 2015

Author: richardmartindale
Date: 11th January
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Saturday 5th December 2015
Nine Lessons & Carols
St Garmon's Church, Llanarmon-yn-Iâl

Rudolf almost went on strike this year.

“Well, you certainly weren’t going to get Frozen for Christmas this year – drowned more like – and I ask you: such indignities and disrespect a reindeer should never have to suffer; flashing red noses, antlers lit up like a Christmas tree and standing alongside snowmen wearing faux fur orange coloured carrot noses. And the elves ! What can I say about the elves? Elves are supposed to be small and, well elfin. But these? Green giants with Dr Spock ears. And I just won’t say what else I saw on some of those Christmas jumpers. Christmas jumpers? Christmas crackers if you ask me. I tell you I nearly called the whole thing off - Christmas that is.

And then that Jill Lloyd started to sing Once in Royal David’s City and it was so beautiful that I forgot to be grumpy. And there was more. There were Christmas carols for all to sing and Côr Dewi Sant sang some on their own and something called the Sanctus from “The Armed Man” which sounded quite something I can tell you. I thought all men had arms but what do I know. They even had a smart looking young man playing the trumpet. Bedwyn he was called: the Boogie woogie trumpeter from Company B. 

There were readings too: a lady called Pamela had written a poem about refugees but she didn’t mention reindeers. Funny that, considering we’re all a long way from home. Some of the readings were serious and some quite funny. They were all good though. And there was a barber shop group called Contraband and there were the children (Plant Dewi Sant). They sang Noel, Noel, Noel! How cute were they: fair tingled my hooves they did.

So, I was beginning to feel a lot better by now and the songs and the carols got jollier and when it all ended I thought I might as well go across to the Raven with all the others and so I joined in the Twelve Days of Christmas and the other songs and that Bedwyn played the piano. They had some of that Cwrw Iâl stuff to drink which they said had been brewed specially for reindeers and I don’t remember very much else but when I woke up this morning I had a bit of a headache and a red nose!

Santa’s going to be so cross with me and we’ve got loads of presents to deliver. I do hope he doesn’t put me on top of the Christmas tree like he did with that Angel. Happy Christmas everyone and see you at next years 9 lessons and carols.” 


PS - Côr Dewi Sant would like to thank St Garmon's Church for letting us use the Church for this event and the audience who came to support us on the night. We hope they had as much fun  as Rudolf. As always our heartfelt thanks to our Director Ruth and our accompanists Heather and Mari.

by Richard Martindale


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