County Councillor’s Update 7 3 18

Here is my report for the March meeting. 
1) Very Good News. As you all know I have been campaigning to get better broadband links across the ward and in the case of Eryrys improvements to the villages general land line telephone service as well. I am pleased to confirm that the new green cabinet has now gone live in Eryrys and residents there can now order Superfast Broadband from their suppliers. I hope that the new cabinet will also improve the BT land line service as well.
2) I received a number of complaints about the noise from a Car Rally that went through the village of Llanarmon in the early hours of the morning on the 11th February.
The body that controls these events ( Not DCC ) have agreed to give advanced warning of any such future Rally's by putting up posters in the areas concerned and they will also pre warn anyone who wants to register with them.
3) I have once again reported the pooling of water on the bend by Cherry Tree Cottage on the B5430. The county have agreed to clear the gullies as a temporary fix prior to more substantial road works!!
4) The Highways Department will be confirming the roads works schedule for this financial year next week and I will report how this effects our community at our April meeting. Please do not expect great things as the budgets are very tight but I can report that the Association of Welsh Local Government are meeting with Welsh Government to see if they will provide more money for our roads. The roads will only get worse this year after this bad winter and central Government have given Wales a further 1.2 billion in this years settlement. Sadly even with this extra money Welsh Government still cut Denbighshires funding by nearly five million pounds this year.
5) There has been another case of fly tipping in the Graianrhyd area and a large black settee was dumped opposite the entrance to Maes Y Droell Quarry. This has now been removed but someone is also dropping a large number of beer cans on the track from Graianrhyd to Abbeylands.  If you know who it is please let me know.
6) There will be two road closures in Llanarmon in the coming months. Ffordd Rhiw Ial will be closed between the 9th and 10th of March by BT who are erecting two new telegraph poles. Residents in the village section of the road will still have access to the centre of the village as normal. People living the other side of Bryn Ial Bach will need to take the back road into the village. 
The B5431 will also be closed by BT from the 3rd to the 9th April while they dig up the road to replace a junction box. The work will be undertaken in the vicinity of Frank Hills property.
7) There was a road accident the week before the snow by what was the Philadelphia Chapel on the B5431 as you approach Llanarmon Yn Ial. A people carrier had overturned on the road and the police and two fire crews managed to put the vehicle back on its wheels. We do not know who was involved in the accident but fortunately it appears that no one was injured.
8) New bus timetables will come into force as from the 11th March. The good news is that we are only losing one service on the Mold / Ruthin route and that is the last bus from Ruthin in the evening. There have been a small number of time changes in the late morning and I will drop of the new timetables as soon as they are printed in the shop and the village pubs. Our services have a new bus company namely MH.
9) After nearly a week of snow things are starting to get back to normal. These were extreme weather conditions with strong winds and drifting snow adding to our problems. The county had to dip into emergency reserves to finance additional contractors but I am pleased to report that they are already replenishing the salt boxes and salt piles. Over the last five days I have not only shovelled snow but e-mailed about snow and had numerous telephone conversations about snow.
I would like to once again thank all those members of the community council and the community who came out with their snow shovels and diggers to help clear the snow for the wedding at St Garmons Church last Saturday. Great Community spirit and a special thanks to Gareth and Geraint Roberts for their sterling work around the village with their JCB.
10) It was reported that a gully had lost its cover at the junction of Mill lane and the road to the Piggeries and I believe that a team from the county have been out today to repair it. 
11) I attended the Llandegla Community Council meeting last night where David Sheil from Countryside Services told them about the activities currently being undertaken within the AONB. It was very informative especially about the Dark Skies project and funding available for projects in grants from the National Grid. It may be worth asking David to attend our next meeting.
12) Finally, please keep an eye on those in our community who are less able to get out and about in these bad weather conditions and as the lambing season begins please remind everyone to keep their dogs on a lead when crossing farm land or on the high ground around our villages.
Thank you.

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